Initial consultation consists of an interview with the consultant, where the client describes his ailments and problems from the viewpoint of subjective perception and interpretation. On these bases the consultant recommends the most suitable individual procedure for the application of the autopathic preparation that the client makes himself at home according to simple instructions. In some cases, homeopathic remedies or a healthy lifestyle are additionally recommended.

Follow-up consultations take place in this holistic treatment of chronic ailments usually in longer time intervals (weeks or months) and are agreed upon in the consultations. The client documents the general development of his state and reports on it in the consultation. Based on this information, the consultant provides further advice. The client can also ask questions concerning his actual development between the agreed consultations per telephone or email.

We also provide online video-consultations via Skype.

Further practical information is in the book Get well with autopathy. Autopathy takes principally place as a self-treatment where the consultant can play a very useful role.

Practitioners in our autopathic and homeopathic praxis:

Jiri Cehovsky

Homeopath, healer, founder of the autopathic method, book author and teacher. More here

IMG_8351Jan Matyas

Professional homeopath, graduated in chemistry with specialization in food and nutrition issues.  Graduate of the Homeopathic academy, member of the board of the Homeopathic society. He cooperated in the development of the homeopathic software HOMEO.  He lectures at the Homeopathic academy and at courses on autopathy.

Krystof Cehovsky

Autopath, healer, licensed fitness trainer, sport and condition specialist.

4874-HOMEOPATIE PRAHA 01Marie Valaskova

Professional homeopath with many years of experience, physiotherapist, graduate of the Homeopathic academy. She specialises mainly on women’s conditions, including pregnancy, birth, etc. and also on musculoskeletal system. She lectures at the Homeopathic academy. She regularly published articles in the magazine Medunka and in the server

The address of the praxis is: Zbraslavské náměstí 461, Praha 5.
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Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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