Free webinar: Autopathy for healthy aging
by Jiri Cehovsky

April 25, 2018 16:00 UTC

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An Internet meeting of people who use autopathy. We know from the conferences and other sources that autopathy, a wholistic method of bringing the body and the mind in harmony, helps also people, who had been caught off guard by the signs of ageing. In some cases, it happens to people aged thirty, in other cases much later. What are the specifics of healing the signs of ageing? What experiences are there? Which methods of autopathy to use for which conditions? How to keep oneself in a good psychic and physical condition? These subjects will be addressed by Jiri Cehovsky (aged 70), in the first part of the webinar. In the second part he will be answering questions and comments concerning autopathy and the experiences of the webinar’s participants.

The webinars do not substitute personal consultation, the replies to the questions have solely education purpose.

Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing. Certificate is issued after completion. If they wish to, the practitioners‘ names and contact details can be added to the directory of autopathic consultants in this website.

The webinar participants receive introduction to the method that developed from classical homeopathy, its philosophical background, the forms of autopathic consultation and the application of autopathy and the documentation of a case. Special attention is paid to discussions of concrete cases. Previous knowledge of homeopathy is not necessary.

The text book and manual for practical work is the book Get Well with Autopathy by Jiri Cehovsky.

The training events and conferences are announced in advance in this website and per email. If you require more information please contact us at

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